Multi Touch Attribution

Hack the process of distributing digital budget

Let’s point the elephant in the room:

Last click is a biased and broken methodology for measuring success.

Our proposal:

Go beyond your competitors with a scientific and holistic approach to measure the real impact of digital media on conversions.

Leave behind last click biased measurement and star answering new questions:

How are top of funnel touchpoints affecting sales?

Are media efforts cannibalizing between them?

Where in the funnel do you have improvement opportunities?

Intellignos’ data driven attribution model allows advertisers to go beyond last click, applying a scientific approach to measure the value of touchpoints in the digital journey.

Our MTA uses machine learning algorithms to calculate the particular ROAS of each digital touch point with the brand, based on the actual contribution to the conversion probability of the individual consumer.

This tool allows advertisers to better allocate the budget at a very granular level, and to improve the overall performance of their digital strategy.

Multi Touch Attribution is part of Intellignos Attribution Suite

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Multi Touch Attribution