Marketing Mix Model

Measure the ROI of all your media investment

The question is old, but has never been so current and crucial:

How should I spend my marketing budget for a better impact on sales?

Gain insight into the ROI of your efforts and optimize them with focus on bottom line

What is the contribution of each channel to the sales?

What is the saturation point of each media channel?

What is the best Media Mix to optimize ROAS?

Our Marketing Mix Model solution combines econometric methodologies with Machine Learning algorithms to analyze historical information, allowing to attribute business results to different factors, such as media efforts, price, promotions, seasonality, etc.

Thanks to the information obtained, our solutions counts with a ‘scenarios tool’ that allows Marketing teams to predict the impact on revenue of changes in marketing investment, and optimize their MIX to obtain the best ROAS.

Marketing Mix Model is part of Intellignos Attribution Suite

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Marketing Mix Model

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